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Getting Started

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After login in you always get in the Competition lobby.
The Tables Window is the central place.

In case you've lost the Tables Window you can use the F6-key on the top of your keyboard or menu -> view -> tables.

If you want to play some casual boards, the Tables Window is the place to be.
From Friday to Monday night (around 8pm Eastern) there will always be enough players to play as you please. Some tables have so called starters to help the table get of the mark. These starters will vacate if there are enough players.

On the Tables Window you can see who's in the lobby and which tables are opened. Please note that the Tables Window does not refresh automatically, this prevents it from changing constantly as this will be almost impossible to select or even view it. As you can see in this example there are five players present.
If four of them want to play, one of them should open a table.
Please don't all open a table. If you do so there will be four tables with all only one player. It's better of course to have only one table with four players.

If you want to start (serve) a table click on the button at the bottom showing Serve Table.

You'll get a new screen with all kind of options: please ignore these options but be sure the level is set from 1 to 9 so everyone can join your table.

You're now at your own table.

To play you have to occupy a seat by double clicking one of the Free's.

The others
You can see if someone has started a table in the chat area. As soon as a table is opened you'll see the message "playersname" has opened a table.

Now refresh the Tables Window and you will see the newly opened table.

Select that table and press the Join Table button at the bottom.

Once you've joined the table, doubleclick on a Free and game's on!

That's all for the casual play in the Competition section.