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Getting Started

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After login in you always get in the Competition lobby.
The Tables Window is the central place.

In case you've lost the Tables Window you can use the F6-key on the top of your keyboard or menu -> view -> tables.

Please follow these steps to register yourself and go to the Tournament lobby.

On the left site of the Tables Window you see a couple of activities. Select the one you want to register for.

After the line of the tournament turned blue, click at the bottom of the window on the Info-button.

You see now all the specifications of the Tournament, like the number of boards and round, the duration, the scoring method and the director.

If it is an Individual, you will not been asked to fill in a partners name. All you need to do is click on Register and (below that button) on Join Tournament Lobby.

If it is a Pairs session, you can fill in your partners name (the exact playersname, without spaces!).

If you don't have a partner, you can ask others in the Tournament lobby first or register yourself without a partner. If you do the last, the system will match you with a partner 5 minutes before the tournament starts. But you have to be in the Tournament Lobby!

You can register yourself at any time you like. Even after you've left StepBridge, the systems will remember your registration.

Be sure you're in the Tournament Lobby well before it starts. To be in time for the matching you have to be there at least 5 minutes prior to the start. But it's better to be safe than sorry.

In case you want to change your registration, you have to unregister first (and tell it to the partner you were registered with). In case you can't register again, stay in the tournament lobby! as all players are advised who want to play. The director can match you manually but it can take a minute. Leaving the lobby or even the club will cause substantial delays to all participants.