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In the StepShop you can buy Participation Points.
Participation Points are needed if you want to play in a session with ABF Masterpoints.
Normal sessions are awarded with Green Masterpoints, and cost 50 Participation Points.
Special sessions are awarded with Red Masterpoints, and cost 75 Participation Points.

Current Rates

10 Standard Tournaments @ $3 $30.00
50 Standard Tournaments @ $2.50 $125.00
100 Standard Tournaments @ $2.25 $225.00

Club Membership

StepBridge is an official Australian bridge club. You can make StepBridge your home club, or you can become an associate member of the StepBridge club.

Home club membership, payable before the 1st of March each year. $22.00
Affiliate membership $5.00

How to pay

Please make a direct deposit into the following account:

Account name: StepBridge Australia Bridge Club
BSB: 012 013
Account no.: 3025 38455

Please include your username on the deposit, so we know who you are.

You may advice us of your payment by sending us an email at admin@stepbridge.com.au.

Loyalty members: please click here if you want to buy Tournaments with your Loyalty Card.

>> If you wish to pay off-line, then please please email us at admin@stepbridge.com.au. <<