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StepBridge Tournament Calendar

A two week schedule will be posted ahead of time on the StepBridge website in the StepBridge Tournament calendar».

Here you will see the dates for pairs or individual tournaments and the scoring method - pairs or imp scoring. At the same time you will be given starting times, approximate finishing times, how many games will be played and the tournament director's name.

Some tournaments require participation points. In these tournaments you can win ABF Masterpoints and StepPers.

Signing up for a tournament

To join a tournament you have to sign up at 'the entrance'. When signing up at the entrance you indicate your participation by being present just before the tournament starts.

There is a difference between individual and pairs tournaments:

Individual - When playing an individual tournament you will be assigned a different partner for each round, chosen at random by the computer. Some time before the tournament starts (usually 15 minutes) everyone present in the lobby (also those logging in later) will be asked to enter the tournament. If you have signed up for the tournament and you are logged in at the start of the tournament, you will participate in the tournament.

Pairs - All players who like to join a tournament have to register at least five minutes before the start, whether you have a partner or not. If you have registered without a partner you will get a partner assigned during the automatch which takes place exactly five minutes before the start. Players entering later can still sign up with a partner or have to wait till after the start when a manual match takes place.


Immediately after the tournament ends you will see the top three pairs/players in your chat box. Five minutes after the tournament finishes you will be mailed the results, including the boards played and the overall results.

Tournament Director

StepBridge will have a director present for each tournament. You can explain your problem to the director by writing a message to him in the chat box; then send it to 'Director' in the little fold-out box to the right of the chat box. The director is logged in as Admin and can be recognized by the (TD) following his name when sending messages. Messages from the director are shown in green.

When to call the tournament director?

One of the characteristics of a tournament is the set time per round. If a player does not react or loses their connection, it is extremely important to replace them as soon as possible. If no replacement player is found, boards may have to be cancelled. Therefore, notify the director immediately if someone at your table is having connection problems. The director can increase the time per round - always at his discretion; players cannot claim extra time.

Slow play could lead to unfinished boards. The standard artificial score is 20% for the slowest pair and 80% for the less slower pair (20/80-rule). In unforseen situations the director can decide to overrule this penalty (e.g. lost connections, completing last trick(s) if obvious). You need at least 4 minutes on the clock to start the last board of a round. If you ran out of time on the previous board(s), you will not get the last board and a standard score will be given of 40% for the slowest pair and 60% for the less slower pair.

Players are obliged to alert their own bids. If there was no explanation and/or the explanation was not clear to the opponents they have the right to ask more information. If the additional information is not given within a reasonable time, they have the right to call the director to avoid or to reverse the 20/80 score.

By entering a tournament you commit yourself to play all scheduled boards. Walking because of bad scores or "poor" partners will never be tolerated. This could lead to suspension and notification to your state association and/or the national body (ABF). This rule is not different from any other bridge club.

The director tries to make it so that all participants are as comfortable as possible. This includes avoiding sit outs and help with the registration. Please listen carefully to his/her instructions and don't expect immediate answers on private message in the dying minutes before a tournament.

The director has the duty to extend or shorten the playing time of a round to his/her discretion but this will always happen in the benefit of the session.

While playing in a tournament, the participants themselves cannot undo actions, or those of their opponents. If someone has made a misclick, the director must be asked to come to the table. Once at the table the director assesses the situation and may or may not undo the action.

All decisions of the director are irreversible and all players must accept them. Appeals can be raised only 12 hours after a tournament by email to the Appeal Committee, admin@stepbridge.com.au. Appeal fees apply.

You may always call the director for assistance at any time.