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Welcome to StepBridge Australia

Stepbridge Australia Bridge Club is under new management!

From 1 November 2016, Stepbridge has become a not for profit community based club. Managed by a group of players, with a new table fee structure, we aim to provide the same social environment so players can enjoy their games, both Masterpoint tournaments and relaxed games in the Competition area. We rely on your continued support by visiting often and introducing new members. The Stepbridge website is available for administration matters, and Steppers Forum website is available for contributions to start up fund and up to date information and club news. To contact us, write to: admin@stepbridge.com.au.


Welcome to StepBridge, the only Australian based internet bridgeclub. StepBridge is like any other bridgeclub in Australia, the difference is that our venue is the internet.

You can play whenever you like in our social competition room or join our daily sessions with ABF Masterpoints at 8pm AEST (weekends also at 4pm AEST) with ABF masterpoints. To ensure the respect our members deserve, all daily session have a director who takes care of our Zero Tolerance policy: no rudeness or disrespectful behaviour is accepted.

If you join StepBridge, you get 5 free standard sessions without any obligations before you decide on which plan you like to continue the tournament sessions. The social competition room will stay free of fees. In order to get masterpoints you must be a member of an ABF affiliated club. (We are an ABF affiliated club too!)

StepBridge is seriously social, it's fun and worth a try.
Sign up now and you'll discover how good bridge at StepBridge is.

Red Masterpoint session

Every month StepBridge has Red ABF Masterpoint sessions.
These Red Masterpoint sessions are charged 75 Participation Points (normail sessions are charged 50 Participation Points).
There are no RED Point tournaments planned just yet.